#BeforeIDie I Wanna drive a car, crossing some cities
#BeforeIDie I Wanna play as the drummer for a band, even once, even just a song CHECKED!
#BeforeIDie I Wanna have a male-haircuCHECKED!
#BeforeIDie I Wanna donate my blood
#BeforeIDie I Wanna marry with the one I love
#BeforeIDie I Wanna go around this b-e-a-utiful country called Indonesia
#BeforeIDie I Wanna have a child or adopt one
#BeforeIDie I Wanna meet David Villa & Taylor Lautner (A-M-I-N)
#BeforeIDie I Wanna go to Mecca (AAMIIN!)
#BeforeIDie I Wanna have my own business (maybe restaurant, or taylor)
#BeforeIDie I Wanna get my first salary, and I'll give it to my mom CHECKED!
#BeforeIDie I Wanna go to France, Paris, Louvre Museum, and see the 'real' Monalisa
#BeforeIDie I Wanna prove to everyone that I didn't live for no reason...

This post can be edited anytime.
When I've another things to put in.
Or if I've done a line or two.

>> Edit 1. September 17th 2018

I've successfully roled as drummer for my Seni Musik class on my 2nd grade of senior high school. Hahaha that was epic! No no, not my drum ability. The epic is that I was chosen as drummer, not because I'm good at it, but because the other is worse than me :") After all, it was a great opportunity. Oh btw, the song was Dewa 19 - Munajat Cinta :)))
The second edit is that I've had my male haircut on my 2nd semester of college. That was kinda impulsive! If I'm not mistaken, my mother did the cut when she was coming to my kos-kosan. I said to my mother that I want to try it just once. And simply she lets me :))
The third one is when I finally had my 1st job on 2017. Actually I didn't give my whole salary to her :( Because I need to survive too in this world wkwk. Alhamdulillaah although my salary is not that much, but I am able to not ask her to support me financially since I got my job.


  1. mbak acha golongan darahnya apaa? kalo ke jogja tak temenin mbak! aku udah 4x donor darah, btw hihihi

    1. Golongan darahku A+ Dhe. Sebenernya masalah utamanya adalah berat badanku yang ngga mencapai minimal syarat donor darah :"""