January 29, 2013

Story about A Ship

I am a ship. Just call me ship. Yep, ship.
I used to have a dock. Dock I love the most.
There I find peace. Peace I'd been looking for.
I stayed there for a pretty long time, a long time which only felt like minutes.
That dock made me forget. Forget of what I should really do.
So I decided that I had to leave. Leave that dock and sail the ocean.
I sailed and I sailed 'till I didn't realize. Didn't realize that I'd been in the ocean for months.


This ship was so lonely. The cabin was deserted. The view was so dull. The ocean was flat as hell. The life was tasteless.

From distance I saw something. Something that familiar in my eyes.
Something that brought that wind. Wind of past.


But that dock wasn't the old one. The old one? I didn't even know any latest news about it.
That new dock is different. Different of looks but felt the same.
The same comfortness, the same happiness.
I couldn't differ, differ between I'm happy of this dock, or happy of this feeling.
This dock gave me some kind of feeling, feeling that brought me straight to the past. The past, when I was still in that old dock.
And when I started to feel comfort, comfort with that new dock, that thought came through.
I had to keep sailing, again, alone. This ain't a good moment to stay in a dock. There were still so much things to be reached along the ocean.


And I finally chose to leave. Sailing. Alone. Again.

Does anyone here have a same story just like this ship?

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