January 5, 2013

Tentang 2012 yang Gila

2012 telah usai. 2013 sudah harus dijalani.

2012 for me was a great 366 days. It gave me lots of things to be learnt. Thank you so much, God, for gave me chances to be a better person as the time goes on. For me, Sarah Mustika in 2012 was actually a better person than in 2011.

Banyak hal yang aku alami di tahun 2012. Tahun 2012 adalah tahun terakhirku untuk bergabung di kepanitiaan event-event sekolah, tahun dimana aku mengurus dan mendapat KTP-ku sendiri, tahun di mana sebuah pilihan telah aku ikrarkan.

#SingleBerprinsip on February, Antigone on April, MOP-PPLB on July to September, Lebaran on August, my mom's accident on September--and after that, everything seemed doesn't need to be remembered...

And now, what will my 2013 be? Will it be better? Worse? Best? Or even worst? That's definitely God and I who'll make it.
Yang pasti, 2012 adalah tahun yang luar biasa buat aku.

I hope this year will take me closer to my dream, my greatest destination, my soulmate(?), and God.


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