May 10, 2012

Kartini a la Padmanaba

Yep! Suddenly, I'm in a mood for posting, jadi harus segera disalurkan, biar nggak mubadzir ;)
Now I'm gonna post about the celebration of Kartini's Day in my school, Padmanaba.
This celebration is called PPHK (Pekan Peringatan Hari Kartini).

SOCIAL GIRLS!!! But without Shafa & Putrek -_-
PPHK is obviosly special. First, the whole school ppl wearing traditional outfit, uuu Kebaya dan Surjan bersatu tak bisa dikalahkan #opoh. Second, there is a flag-raising ceremony, and all the crew is woman! Third, those free consume, ahahaa~. And the fourth is, there are many contest between classes, dua angkatan yang berpartisipasi :D

Acha & Shafa, flag-raising ceremony, midfield.
Upik, Nafit, Acha, Shafa, Pak Rudy
photos by Pak Rudy

Not all person is excited with Kartini's Day. Hmm. But I'm the excited one, ahahaa. I love wearing Kebaya! Doesn't matter with that little make-up on my face. And it's OK for me to wear that 'jarik', and hard-to-walk instead. Itu semua kan emang so woman stuff, no problemo ;)

Beside that, it's obvious that there's no actually relation between Kartini's Day and Traditional Outfits. But...come on, it's OK to wear 'em, toh jarang-jarang kan. Hitung-hitung sekalian menghargai dan melestarikan budaya Indonesia #tsaaahh.

Acha. Taken by Siti kalo nggak salah
Ok then, back to PPHK...
This year PPHK was held on Sunday, April 23rd 2012. Yeaah, 2 days after the-real-date (April 21st) haha. As usual, di PPHK kali ini I was wearing a traditional outfit called Kebaya. I wore a white Kebaya, purple long-torso, and white veil. I had no idea about the shoes, so I was just wore my brown wedges.

Bhapad69 girls, showing their formation
There, Padmanaba 69 was the flag-raising ceremony doer. The middle field of my school became soo colorful by those traditional outfit's colour :-D After that, there was Dimas-Diajeng contest. The winner was Ardita as the Dimas, and Roro as Diajeng. Both are Padmanaba 68.

Eat-Maicih contest. One word, EDAN.
Moreover, there were also Eating-Maicih contest and Boy-Girlband. Every class was sending their 'delegation' haha :)) There was also free consume for everyoneeee! Es Cendol + Ice Cream, but I wasn't taste 'em even a drop, bcs I was still in a carantine-of-fried-food-and-cold-drinks fo my play, Antigone :(

Es Cendol. Yummy and sexy, but I cudnt taste it :(
photos by Siti Budhiarso

Aku cuma bisa menelan ludah melihat temen-temen minum Es Cendol & Es Krim dengan lahapnya. Tapi gapapa, daripada aku mengonsumsi itu kemudian menyesal waktu pementasan karena suara habis? hahaha :D

Pokoknya PPHK selalu menyenangkan, for me! Terima kasih para panitia hehe.
foto menyusul

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