April 14, 2012

Was Your Bestfriend

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I don’t know what happen between us right now. It’s getting worse everyday. No chat. No call. No story. No going out together. Meet without saying anything. Just a quick smile. We have different passion, different activities, we have our own bussiness.
I don’t know why, I’m very very sad about this :( I don’t know how to fix all of these things. We don’t try. Or you don’t even feel the way I feel. Sometimes I feel like I’m alone. Maybe you’ve already had the other to share with.
Time makes a big change. But life must go on.
Everything has been different, but here I am. If you need me, just call me. Because I’ll try to be the best for you.

Your ‘best’friend

After I read this, She popped up in my mind. A girl who used to be my bestfriend, but now....... things change. I thought she already had someone else to share with.
My eyes soon filled with tears. And this feeling is getting stronger, I do miss you, my 'best'friend :')

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