April 30, 2012

Antigone Jubah Macan - April 28th 2012

My last show had just ended. My last performance in high school, but maybe it wasn't my last performance in my life. I hope God will give me another chance to be on the stage again another time.

scene 1:
Opening Act, a small theatre which played before the open gate
Polyneikes (blue), fiercely fight his lil brother, Eteokles (red)
Thebes's people

Everything went great, there was just a lil problem with the curtain in the begining, but that didn't matter. I do satisfied with this show. I'm proud of myself, I'm happy to be Antigone's crew, no regret!

scene 2:
Antigone asks her lil sister, Ismene (me) to bury their big brother, Polyneykes, but Ismene ignores it.
All of my sacrifice, my struggle in last 4 months were paid! Those process gave me so many experience, knowledge, mental therapy (whatt??). It was hard, it wasn't easy at all, I should not eat fried-food, cold drinks, and many more for more than 4 months. Daaaamn, but I enjoyed it xD

scene 3:

Kreon, the antagonist character here, the leader of Thebes announce that the dead-body of Polyneikes was forbidden to be buried bcs Kreon think that Poly was a backstabber.
Thebes's Senator caught Antigone who buried Polyneikes's dead-body
My mom couldn't watch my show, again, for the third times. Thank you.
When my friends just announce their mother's presence, and I was just like.... Oh, okay, my mother.... forget it.
I was trying my best to perform the best, my performance was dedicated to my best friend, my sister who watched me, and the boy who choosed to watch my show then his favorite band's concert.

scene 4:
Capitan is bringing Antigone to the courtroom. There, is declared that, Antigone will  arrested in the cave until her death.
Ismene is accused that she also buried Polyneikes
The closeness between Jubah Macan 68 with JM 69 can't be denied anymore. We're not like seniors with juniors, we just like "Oh we're same, except our age". One of the sources of my power was this closeness. Without it, the more-than-4-months-workout might kill me....

scene 5:
Haemon, the fiance of Antigone, asking his father, Kreon, to excuse Antigone.
But Kreon get mad of that. He thinks that Haemon is such a coward
In one side, I'm happy to know that this is ended. But at the other side, I'm sad to know that this is the end. I'm recently become a Macan-Tuo, a predicate for those who already hels a big-show aka pentas besar. I think I already gave some not-bad examples to my juniors, how to keep an extracurricular to still productive and take care of it just like my own family.
Good luck JM 69! I'm sure you all are better than JM 68, so prove it! :)

scene 6:

my mistake, I forgot to wrote the 6th scene before XD
so I add it now...
Antigone is treated like an amimal by Kreon, it's seconds before Antigone shud enter the death cave

Ismene and Thebes people rise and against Kreon and his rule
Yeaa... this is awkward ._. How cud I forget this scene last time??? This is one of the important scene in the show. LOL.
And now I dunno what to say in this paragraph (obviously I made this paragraph). So...uhm, just enjoy this post -_-

scene 7:

Haemon finally out of city. Eurydice, Haemon's mother, becomes mad of this. And she leaves Kreon alone.
Tiresias and Trubadurs. They're the fortune-teller of Thebes. They convince Kreon that what He had done was wrong.
A thousand and sixty-nine tickets are sold. Alhamdulillah.
Whoaaaaa I'm writing a long long post XD
I'm not gonna extend it anymore, sooooo this is the climaxxx of the show!

scene 8:
Thebes's people dancing their sacred dance to hail the exemption of Antigone.
Kreon and the warriors come in and bring some offer. When the cave is opened.....

Such a tragedy....
Special thanks to
Sophocles who made this giga-great script
Mr. Sugeng Prihatin
All of Macan Tuo who were willing to help us, and pray for us
Family, best friend, friends
JM 68 & JM 69
SMM, Paspad, Musics
All of people who helped us to make this show
All the audiences.

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