November 8, 2011

Padmanaba, my 11th grade life: I Do Admire This Class

 Assalamu'aialkum Wr. Wb.
The one and only social class in Padmanaba 68.
With --only-- It's 14 students.
But obviously this class had already took my heart.
I do pleasure and thank to God, really, to be here among them.
With this class, I started my 'journey' in social world.
And --insyaAllah-- I'll be success with this class :)
Made by Mana a.k.a Siti. I'll tell 'bout her later
This is Social 68 --in a paper-- :D In the next one year, there are 2 exchange students who enter my class (so ppl in that picture becomes 16, rite?). A girl from Japan named Mana Nishino, and a girl from America named Megan Wright. They're nice and easy going. I hope they can always enjoy their life in this multi-cultural ethnic country called Indonesia.

One of my fav photo of us. @ Amer's bday.
Yeah, I admire that photo so much! That was at Amer's bday (the girl in the center). Was taken at Pizza Hut. But we weren't full team in that photo. But that day was grrrrreat!

L to R: Nafit, Linda, Dian, Putrek, Mana a.k.a Siti. And in the front one was me--
Haha xD I looked so cheerful, but actually in that day I was totally 'galau' (don't ask me why, I'm forget -_-) Yeaaa, that was in the middle of the Math lesson, but the teacher was absent (??) And we just spent our time by taking sooo many photo xD

L to R: Upik, Linda, Amer, Kamel, Me, Dian, Fakhri.
L to R: Shafa, Upik, Draw, Siti.
FYI, Draw is the leader of the class. And.... Siti. She's the exchange student frm Nagoya, Japan. At the 1st time, we really had no idea how to communicate with her. Yeah! bcs we could'nt speak Japanese, and Siti couldn't speak English well. pffftt.... But now, Siti can speak Bahasa clearly :D
And, we started to figure out her 'real behavior'. I mean, she's not shy anymore to do something (kagak jaim maksud aneeee -_-)

Megan, the exchange student frm America
And this is the other bule. Like I said in the above, her name's Megan Wright. She's from Michigan, USA. She's beautiful and mature. There are many differences between eastern and western culture actually, and it makes her --maybe-- difficult to adapts her life here. But Social 68 and I keep trying to make her likes Indonesia more and more :D

Sooo, that's all 'bout my class.
Thanks for reading, GBU, and.... Bye!
Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

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